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How to choose aluminium paste for silver masterbatch?

How to choose aluminium paste for silver masterbatch?

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Silver masterbatch has high brightness, coloring power and dispersion. It is suitable for all kinds of plastics such as blow molding, extrusion and injection molding.

At present, the requirements of the market for metal masterbatch are mainly reflected in the effect and performance. In the past, silver color was only gray, but now more customers pursue bright, shiny and other effects, and more and more functional performance.

Aluminum paste used as color masterbatch needs to have high whiteness and very good covering power, with fine and smooth surface. The oily aluminum silver paste has less solvent content and the product state is relatively dry. It is conducive to mixing and will not become greasy when used. In this way, it can be quickly mixed evenly with other toners and substrates, so as to avoid over processing and blackening or long processing time. This can also reduce the solvent to the bedroom of plastic substrate and reduce the performance of plastic. Therefore, at present, the plastic color masterbatch industry prefers oily aluminum paste.