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Difference between silver plating paste and mirror silver paste

Difference between silver plating paste and mirror silver paste

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What is the difference between electroplated silver paste and mirror silver paste? Products that use metallic aluminium pigments like silver plating and mirror silver are very common in life, they are widely used in body paint, wheel paint, mobile phone paint and so on. So what is the difference between silver plating paste and mirror silver paste?


Let's first learn what electroplated silver paste and mirror silver paste are. According to my understanding, electroplated aluminium silver paste is also called mirror silver, mirror aluminium silver paste, extra bright aluminium silver paste and vacuum plated aluminium silver suspension. Mirror silver, also known as electroplated silver and mirror ink, is named because of its special brightness and mirror-like effectiveness. They are very similar to each other and can be distinguished mainly from the two pieces of use and usage, let's take a look below.

1, on the use:

electroplated silver is used in the electronics industry, communications equipment and instrumentation manufacturing industry, the purpose is to reduce the contact resistance of the surface of metal parts and improve the welding ability of metal; mirror silver is usually used in electronic products, washing machines, microwave ovens and other household appliances such as operating panels and display panels, mobile doors, cabinets, bathrooms and other household items, automotive paint, gravure ink, screen printing, trademarks, cigarette boxes, high-grade cosmetic packaging and other industries.

2, the use of methods:

electroplated silver is the use of electroplating technology will be electroplated aluminium silver paste evenly coated on the surface of the object, the coating has to prevent corrosion, increase the electrical conductivity, reflectivity and beauty and other excellent performance; mirror silver is generally used screen printing, intaglio printing and coating spraying, etc., attached to the back of glass, organic glass and a variety of plastic and transparent film, so as to get a metal mirror effect on the front Special decoration.

The above is "the difference between silver plating paste and mirror silver paste" related knowledge content, I hope you have help, we will see you next time.