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How much is a ton of spherical aluminium powder?

How much is a ton of spherical aluminium powder?

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With the advancement of technology and the development of productivity, more and more industries require the use of aluminium pigment products. Aluminium powder is well-known as an indispensable raw material for solar photovoltaic and military industries. Therefore, many customers are concerned about the price of aluminium powder. So, let's find out how much a ton of spherical aluminium powder is.

How much is a ton of spherical aluminium powder

Before discussing the price of spherical aluminium powder, let's first understand the definition of spherical aluminium powder. Aluminium powder is a silver-gray powder, which generally appears less gray as the particle size increases, and more gray as the particle size decreases. When observed under a microscope, aluminium powder generally appears as a spherical or irregular branched particle, while spherical aluminium powder appears as a perfect sphere under a microscope, with strong metallic luster and high melting and boiling points, making it a flammable and explosive substance. So, what factors affect the price of spherical aluminium powder? Let's take a look at the following.

1. Related to the comprehensive strength of the manufacturer

Spherical aluminium powder is generally produced using nitrogen atomization technology, which allows compressed nitrogen to be sprayed through a nozzle to atomize the molten aluminium into small droplets. After secondary classification, the spherical aluminium powder is released using a special process. Therefore, when choosing a spherical aluminium powder manufacturer, it is necessary to consider the comprehensive strength of the manufacturer. Only advanced equipment can produce good spherical aluminium powder.

2. Related to the customer's purchase quantity

As spherical aluminium powder is produced in batches, manufacturers will decide on the aluminium powder price based on the customer's purchase quantity during the sales process. Generally, the more the customer purchases, the lower the price will be. Therefore, the price of spherical aluminium powder is related to the customer's purchase quantity.

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