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Colorful Dynamic Aluminium Pigment

Colorful Dynamic Aluminium Pigment

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Specialized for spray paints in any base material with smooth surfacelike vehicles.household appliances.toys.cellphones.artware: packaging (cosmetics,alcohols,cigarette packets),home decorationssports equipments(bicycles,fishing rods),leathers,wallpapers and anti-fake fields.
And also for printing inks.The inks made with laser paste can be used in various of transparent base
materialsíglasses,PET,PC,PMMA,PVC etc.),widely used on the surface of the panel of household appliances. home alass sliding doors,mobile panels,and anti-fake fields.
Suggestion of dosage
Recommended dosage is 8-20% accroding to the particle size, the the fner, the more dosage, and the vice versa.
The spraying effect is connected with the smoothness of the surface, the smoother, the better. The hiding power is influenced by the coating process 10um 15-20%, resin and solvent 80-85%6, screen printing 300 mesh 20um 10-15%, resin and solvent 85-90%, screen printing 250 meshi 30-35um 8-14%, resin and solvent 86-92%, screen printing 200 mesh 10um laser aluminium paste 15-20%, resin and solvent 80-85%, silk-screen 300 mesh.
20um laser aluminium paste 10-15%, resin and solvent 85-90%, silk-screen 250 mesh.
30-35um laser aluminium paste 8-14%, resin and solvent 86-92%, silk-screen 200 mesh.