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Aluminium Pigment Powder

Aluminium Pigment Powder

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Aluminium pigment powder has flake shape particles. The particles float at the surface of finished coatings, forming a shield to agains corrosive gases and liquids, it provide continuous and compact surface of coated articles. Aluminium pigment encapsulated with material of strong weatherability can endure long time corrosion of sun light, gas and rain, thus it provides excellent protection to coatings.
Mainly used in various of powder coatings, masterbatches,coatings, inks, leather and so on, apply to outdoor coatings.

10kg in iron drum

2.For Protective Coatings
This series of aluminium pigments powder is designed for powder coatings industry, within the squeeze-type products
Mainly used in hammer powder coating
20kg in iron drum
It appears as flake particles and after well dispersed on carrier, particles connect, fill up each other to get continuous and compact coating, which perfoms good hiding and sheilding power to prevend the corrosion from moisture, gas and sunlight etc. on substrates. 
Typically applied to powder coatings, printing inks, masterbatches, textile etc.
10kg in iron drum
Wain Tips


1.Please test the product quality before using.

2.Avoid any conditions that will suspend or foat powder particles in the air, keep away from high temperature, fire during using process.

3.Tighten the drums cover of the product soon after using it, storage temperature should be at 15C-35C.

4.Store in cool, ventilated, dry place.After long time storage, the pigment quality might be changed, please re-tested before using.


Emergency measures

1.Once a fire breaks out, please use chemical powder or the fire-resistant sands to put it out.No water should be used to put out the fire.

2.If the pigment enters eyes by accident, should wash them with clean water for atleast 15minutes and turn to doctor for consultation in time.


Waste treatment:

Small amount of discarded aluminium pigment can only be burnt in a safe place and under the supervision of authorized persons.