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Little Giants Gather Strengths Driving the High-Quality Development of County Economy

Little Giants Gather Strengths Driving the High-Quality Development of County Economy

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Shuangfeng Development Zone of Changfeng county is the main engine of the county's economic development. In recent years, the development zone has been taking “cultivating innovative enterprises” as an important task,and it constantly optimizes the innovation ecology, strengthens the echelon of high-tech enterprises and technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises, and strongly promotes the high-quality development of the zone.


Hefei Sunrise Aluminum Pigments CO., LTD is the first metal paste and powder materials production and sales for the integration of national high-tech enterprise in Anhui.As the name implies, their main product is aluminium pigments, our daily contact to cosmetics bottles, automobiles, toys, mobile phones, arts and crafts , such as paint, even in the military industry, aviation industry. At present, the capacity of the enterprise ranks NO.1 among the industry every year. 20% of the products are exported to the Middle East, southeast Asia, Europe, the United States and other more than 20 countries and regions.

Sunrise was completed and put into operation in Shuangfeng Development Zone in 2009.Annual sales rose from more than 70 million at the beginning to 500 million in 2018.The number of domestic and foreign customers has exceeded 6,000. The rapid growth of performance is attributed to the construction of enterprises' independent innovation capacity.At present, the company 80% of the core technology is the result of independent research and development, while the other 20% is from cooperation with colleges and universities.Sunrise has 31 invention patents, involved in making a number of national standards and industry standards.


According to statistics, there were 10 new state-level high-tech enterprises in Shuangfeng development zone in 2018, bringing the total number to 63.It has two state-level demonstration bases for entrepreneurship and innovation and 91 state-level, provincial-level and city-level research and development institutions.At present, Shuangfeng Zhigu innovation and entrepreneurship technology park built by the development zone has entered the later stage of construction. Six multi-storey factories, two high-rise factories and one apartment building are all in the process of external wall decoration construction, which are scheduled to be completed by the end of may.


It is known that this sci-tech park is specially built for entrepreneurs, which will provide comprehensive development supports for small enterprises in the initial stage, especially high-tech enterprises, to help entrepreneurs to transform their inventions and achievements into productivity as soon as possible, and provide innovation impetus for the sustainable development of the park.

In the second half of last year, the State Council and anhui province issued the implementation opinions on the effective use of foreign capital, expanding imports and promoting foreign trade.Therefore, Shuangfeng Development Zone takes the initiative to make policies benefit enterprises in a timely manner.