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Applications of Sunrise Aluminum Pigments in Self- spray Painting

Applications of Sunrise Aluminum Pigments in Self- spray Painting

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Nature becomes colorful because of different sceneries.Some landscapes in the colorful world are intoxicating because of the uncanny workmanship of nature.Some landscapes are gorgeous because of historical stories.Some landscapes are different because of human ingenuity.
In the real world, in the splendid ancient palace or modern high-rise buildings, or anything regarding people's daily supplies,  silver and metallic products are everywhere, but  not everything that has a silver metallic sheen is made of aluminum.The appearance of aluminum pigment makes up for people's pursuit of silver metallic luster.As an enterprise committed to creating the world's largest aluminum pigment production base, Sunrise aluminum pigments sell well in the world and are widely used in many industries such as coating, ink, color masterbatch, plastic, glass fiber and so on.The surfaces of objects people use in life become silvery and colourful because of Sunrise aluminium pigments.The following is the introduction of  the application of Sunrise aluminum pigments in self-spray paint.
1.What is self-painting
Spray paint, namely air mist paint, consists of air mist tank, air mist valve, content (paint) and projectile composition.Simply speaking,we deal with the paint in a special way and use high pressure filling,which is convenient to spray, also known as manual spray paint.At present, the application of self-spray paint is more and more extensive, and the production enterprises are mainly concentrated in Guangdong, with Sanhe and Shenzhen Rainbow leading the industry.In  Guangdong region,self-painting customers mainly use 36# paste as the main raw material. This kind of  paste in the self-painting industry is  also known as chrome plating pulp, galvanized pulp.Self - painting requires good leveling, hiding power;Excellent light and color retention;Ejection rate above 96%;Suitable for primer with good adhesion;Good chemical resistance and water resistance;Products meet the national development and reform commission requirements of industry standards,and are used more widely than common paints.Thus,the self spray paint will play an important role in the future.Because of the particularity of self-spray paint packaging, doing the aging test is needed. The paint is required to be placed in the tank and left at 50 degrees for a week to test the performance.
2. Application of aluminum pigment in self-painting industry
Since the spray paint is widely used, through the economic development in recent years, the use has developed from the beginning of the repair paint defects to mold, industrial machinery, toys, crafts, musical Instruments, buildings, steel structure, advertising industry, signs, graffiti and other industries, even in the lower level of industrialization of prairie areas we also use the spray paint.It is said that the color of the spray paint is used to distinguish the cattle and sheep of each farmer.
3.Sunrise recommends good products
Paste sizes commonly used in the paint industry are 36# and 1580#, as well as chrome plating.Among them, 36# is divided into leafing and fine white silver.float silver xu Yang recommended 2501 silver paste, fine silver generally 8-10um silver, recommended 508 (8 μm), 0910 (10 μm);1580# is the flash type silver paste, the general particle size is about 32, the customer is recommended to use 1330 (32μm), 9330 (30 μm) and so on.Chrome silver plating is generally in place of electroplating effect, the main customer group for electroplating factory, xuyang recommended products 3505 (3 μm), 3312 (8 μm), 3304 (2 μm), 3206 (6 μm).The sizes span of the paste products recommended above are small and do not contain impurities. The aluminum sheet is evenly distributed and  yin-yang color will not appear when it is ejected automatically (some places are bright, some places are dark).