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Do you know the characteristics of vacuum metallized pigment (VMP )coating?

Do you know the characteristics of vacuum metallized pigment (VMP )coating?

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Do you know the characteristics of VMP coating? I believe you are not new to VMP. After all, the performance of VMP is excellent, and it can even replace electroplating. It is very popular in the market.  


What is VMP? The chemical substance of VMP is aluminum, not silver. Because aluminum has a plating effect comparable to silver, it is called "silver plating". The surface of silver plated aluminum sheet is flat and smooth, the thickness is extremely thin, the diameter thickness ratio is large, the surface covering power and brightness are great, and the excellent chromium plating effect can be obtained with less amount. It is widely used in automobile body paint, hub paint, bicycle paint, glass paint, ink and other industries.


Environmental protection


VMP coating belongs to environmental protection products, it does not add petroleum solvent and non environmental modifier at the source of production, so it does not contain polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, benzene series and halogen heavy metals and so on.


Low price

The price of electroplating includes the cost of liquid medicine, the cost of natural gas, water and electricity, the cost of waste water treatment, plus the cost of labor, the larger the things, the higher the price. The price of VMP coating mainly comes from the purchase cost of coating and labor cost, so the cost is much lower than that of electroplating.



Can replace electroplating process

Do you believe that a small amount of VMP can achieve the effect of chromium plating? Actually, the effect of VMP in application is not only comparable to that of electroplating, but also low in cost. It can not only avoid environmental pollution caused by electroplating in the process of use, but also ensure the chromium plating effect of products.



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