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What are the advantages of pelletized aluminium pigment in spray free industry?

What are the advantages of pelletized aluminium pigment in spray free industry?

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With the rapid development of spray free industry in the market, people's requirements for environmental protection are getting higher and higher, and the relevant pelletized aluminium pigments are also strongly welcomed by spray free industry. What are the advantages of pelletized aluminium pigments in spray free industry? 

Let's first learn the relevant knowledge of spray free industry and pelletized aluminium pigments. Compared with traditional spray plastic, spray free plastic industry is green and environmentally friendly with low cost. Spray free industry has a large market, a large demand, and it is the inevitable product of the development of the times. Its application fields include home appliances, electronic appliances, automobiles and 3C fields.


Pelletized aluminium pigment is a kind of aluminum pigment, which is made of aluminum paste to remove excess solvent, then add rich additives, and then extruded into a column with a diameter of 2mm and a length of 8-10 mm. It is suitable for the plastic system. It is the basic material of spray free plastic, and is very environmentally friendly. It is mainly used in household appliances, automobile interior, mobile phone shell, film, profile and color masterbatch industries. Because of the inherent convenience of mold transformation, small household appliances have successfully used spray free materials.


What are the advantages of pelletized aluminium pigment in spray free industry? There are few bad smell, safety and environmental protection; good stability, long-term storage; easy to disperse; almost no solvent, rarely incompatible with plastic or ink system; safe manufacturing process, no dust, no environmental pollution, no physical injury; safe transportation, multiple transportation ways can be selected.


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