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What are the advantages of using water-based aluminum paste

What are the advantages of using water-based aluminum paste

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What are the advantages of using water-based aluminum paste? As an environmental friendly aluminum pigment, water-based aluminum paste has been recognized by the market and customers since it was developed. Now, let's talk about the advantages of using water-based aluminum paste

Water-based aluminum paste is also known as water-based silver paste, water-based aluminum pigment paste. The main coating processes are passivation and silica coating: the coating layer of water-based aluminum paste made by passivation process is thin, which is not suitable to be stored for too long after the finished paint is made; while the coating layer of silica coated aluminum silver paste is dense, and the finished paint can be stored for 6-12 months generally.

At present, the most hit one in the domestic market is silica coated aluminum paste, which keeps the original color and brightness, and greatly improves the acid and alkaline resistance. The aluminum pigment treated by surface passivation or silica coating has good water resistance, very low odor emission and excellent weather resistance.

The water-based aluminum paste has the advantages of superior coloring effect, convenient for automatic measurement and transportation, energy saving, dust-free, pollution-free, long storage period, etc. It solves the problem of using organic solvent as diluent (use of hazardous chemicals); it can be blended with water-based resin, and can be used according to the process requirements; It solves the problem that the color of dry powder turns grey and black in the water field.

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