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Where is spherical aluminum power used

Where is spherical aluminum power used

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Where is spherical aluminum power used?With the continuous improvement of production technology,the production of aluminum power is more and more standardized.and its use is more and more extensive.Many industries have higher requirements for aluminum power.Next, let’s learn about spherical aluminum power.

Where is spherical aluminum power used?Before that,let’s learn what aluminum powder is.Aluminum power is also called aluminum silver power or silver power,which is silver metallic pigment.It is made of pure aluminum foil with a small amount of lubricant,crushed into scaly powder by pounding,and then polished.Aluminum power is characterized by light weight,high floating power,strong covering power,and good light and heat reflection performance.

Generally,according to the production process of aluminum power,aluminum power is divided into air atomized aluminum power and nitrogen atomized aluminum power.Sphherical aluminum power is nitrogen atomized aluminum powder.Its aluminum power has uniform specification,particle size,narrow distribution range,high compaction density and strong hardness.

Spherical aluminum power is widely used in metal pigment,military industry,aerospace,chemical industry,refractories,composite materials,new building materials,anti-corrosion materials,and other industries.Due to the characteristics of general aluminum powder, it is commonly used in fingerprint identification and fireworks production. In addition, the application scope of spherical aluminum powder in our life also includes powder coating, ink, plastic color masterbatch, printing, gold imitation paper, gold imitation card, gold film, textiles, etc. However, it is not recommended to require the combination of acid and alkali resistance and rain because the water-based paint and the paint with acid and alkali will make the aluminum powder oxidized black in use.

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