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Do you know what sheet aluminum powder is

Do you know what sheet aluminum powder is

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Do you know what sheet aluminum powder is?With the advent of new materials,more and more products have been developed.Flake aluminum powder is one of the most important coatings.So, do you know what flaky aluminum powder is ?Next,let’s study together.

Do you know what sheet aluminum powder is?For better understanding of flake aluminum powder, let's know the basic definition and composition of flake aluminum powder.It is understood that flake aluminum powder is made of metallic aluminum with silver white metallic luster, and it is also one of the metal pigments which is widely used at present.The main color of aluminum pigment is silver gray, so it is commonly known as "silver powder" or "aluminum silver paste" in industry.

In general, the thickness of flake aluminum powder used as pigment is 0.1-2 um, and the diameter is 1-200 um. There are mainly two types of floating aluminum powder and non floating aluminum powder. Floating aluminum powder is only distributed on the surface of the coating, while non floating aluminum powder is distributed in the whole coating.In terms of technology, the preparation method of flake aluminum pigment is ball milling. Aluminum powder is used as raw material for atomizing and milling,then chemical treatment to produce fine scale powder. Post-processing technology such as grading, surface polishing and surface modification is used to obtain better quality aluminum powder.

The flake aluminum powder is widely used in paint, metal baking paint, vehicle painting, ink and coating, which can protect or beautify the products. For example: used in structural metals and steel, such as factories, bridges and towers; used in automotive metal flash finish and printing and dyeing products and other industries.

The above is related knowledge. I wish you a happy life.