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What is the application of aluminum pigment in automobile factory.

What is the application of aluminum pigment in automobile factory.

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What is the application of aluminum pigment in automobile factory?With the continuous innovation of technology,the application scope of aluminum pigment is becoming larger and larger.Aluminum pigment can be seen in all aspects of life.Aluninum pigment is used in the original automobile paint.Let’s learn about it.

What is the application of aluminum pigment in automobile factory?Before that, let’s learn what is the original automobile paint.Automobile original paint refers to the automobile paint used in the automobile field,which is not repainted due to collisionin the process of using in the hands of users since the date of leaving the factory.This kind of automobile paint is usually called”original paint”.It is divided into electrophoretic layer,coating,paint layer and varnish layer.Usually,the original paint can protect the car body and make it not easy to be corroded,which gives people a beautiful feeling .

Aluminum pigment is a kind of industrial pigment which is produced by processing aluminum powder as raw material.It is called aluminum pigment because of its scaly or silver like structure or bright metallic luster.Generally, the main carrier of aluminum pigment is granular or strip concentrate, which is a kind of chemical material in metal pigment.
Aluminum original paint is a kind of high decorative paint,so the requirement for the color of aluminumn silver paste is very high,mainly for the front and side white.In addition, the coating needs to be baked and cured at high temperature, so special attention should be paid to the particle problem, and at the same time, the quality stability of aluminum silver paste products should be maintained. The original paint aluminum pigment is mainly used in sports cars, cars, buses, trucks, vans and other different models.
The above is the relevant knowledge. I hope to help you.