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What do you know about the application of aluminum pigment and silver powder

What do you know about the application of aluminum pigment and silver powder

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What do you koow about the application of aluminum pigment and silver powder?With the continuous research and development of aluminum pigment and aluminum powder,more and more industries can notice them.

What do you know about the application of aluminum pigment and silver powder?Before we understand their application,let’s learn some related konwledge.Aluminum paste is also known as aluminum paste,flash silver and silver paste.It main components are snowflake like aluminum ions and petroleum solvents,which are paste like.It has excellent light reflection ability and metallic luster.When mixed with transparent color pigment,the paint film has obvious”heterochromatic effect with angle”,and the decorative effect is very gorgeous and beautiful.

For most people,silver powder is another name for aluminum powder.In fact,it is not  because it has silver white metallic luster and is professionally called aluminum silver powder or silver powder.Its chemical composition is made by secondary processing of aluminum silver paste.Therefore,it has most of the effects as aluminum silver paste.

Aluminum silver paste is widely used in automobile paint,motorcycle paint,bicycle paint,plastic paint,architectural paint,ink,mobile phoneshell and key,electromechanical shell.electric shell,metal paint,and many other field,mainly used in automobile coatings,metal industrial coating ship coatings,heat resistant coating,roof coating,ect.

Aluminum silver powder is usually used in powder coating industry,including automobile industry coating,electrical industry coating,outdoor furniture,lawn and gardening equipment coating,architectural coating,electronic and electrical coating,ect.The aluminum pigment powder produced by Sunrise is basically coated with single layer SIO2 with high cost performance.Compared with similar products,it has advantages in both technology and price.

The above is related knowledge.Thank you for your attention.