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What is the price of high quality waterborne aluminum pigment

What is the price of high quality waterborne aluminum pigment

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What is the price of high quality waterborne aluminum pigment?Waterborne aluminum pigment has always been popular among young people in the market,so it is environmently friendly and nontoxic,and has become a very popular product in recent years.In fact,waterborne aluminum pigment will also be divided into many grades according to its quality.So,how to define the quality and price of waterborne aluminum pigment.

What is the price of high quality waterborne aluminum pigment?First of all,let’s learn waterborne aluminum pigment.It is understood that the waterborne aluminum pigment is a kind of metal pigment,which is mainly used to add metal scintillation effect to the coating.Waterborne aluminum pigment can be dispersed in water,with good water resistance,excellent weather resistance and little gas release.It commonly used in sports equipment,electrical products,interior and exterior decoration of buildings and other industrial and commercial products.

The price of excellent waterborne aluminum pigment is affected by the manufacturing process,enterprise strength and other factors.

1.Production process

For example,waterborne aluminum pigment can be passivated by adding corrosion inhibitor,chromate phosphoric acid or its salt,coated by inorganic silica,coated by inorganic organic double layer or hybrid coating .

2.Strength of manufacturing enterprise

The production conditions of aluminum pigment are harsh.The comprehensive strength of the manufacture is strong .The production equipment is complete.And the production process is complete.

The above is the relevant knowledge.I hope to help you.