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Start work,good luck!Sunrise group starts struggle mode in three places

Start work,good luck!Sunrise group starts struggle mode in three places

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Spring comes early when people are diligent

It is time to fight

The atmosphere of the Spring Festival has not yet faded

The breath of struggle has come 

The first day of the Spring Festival

Sunrise fighters

Has gathered in three places in Anhui

Prepare for the new year together

1.Marketing center training meeting 

On february 17th,sales elites from all over the country gathered in Hefei headquarters early to receive marketing training courses carefully prepared by Chairman Zhu Shuangdan,marketing department and R&D department.Providing valuable products and services to customers continuously is the principle of an enterprise.The training not only prepared a wealth of new product training,but also effectively communicated the management system to the sales department.In the new year ,Sunrise will continue to standardize all business links on the premise of serving customers well,so as to lay a solid foundation for the faster and better development of the collective.

2.Safety production training meeting 

Under the leadership of director Yao Lei,the staff of aluminum pigment production center of Sunrise group arrived at Luan production base for on the spot training and targeted training on past production mistakes and production safety regulations.Safety production is the lifeline of enterprise development. Continuously strengthening safety production management and system construction training is not only the needs of enterprises, but also the needs of employees and society. Only by tightening the root of safety production and strictly implementing the enterprise safety production system, can we take precautions.

3. Preparatory meeting of R & D center

On February 18, the R & D center of Sunrise group will hold a new year's preparatory meeting in Tongling production base to implement the R & D and production plan of 2021, and conduct special training on the safety production of R & D products. In the new year, the R & D center of the group will continue to invest, bring forth the new, and provide customers with a steady stream of high-quality innovative products.

In 2021, the year of the ox has come. Sunrise people will start the mode of all staff struggle, be the pioneer of technological innovation, the old yellow cattle with stable quality, and the young cattle with hard service for customers.