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The 25th China (Guangzhou) international coatings exhibition opened on December 8. Sunrise sincerely invited you.

The 25th China (Guangzhou) international coatings exhibition opened on December 8. Sunrise sincerely invited you.

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Exhibition Information

The 25th China International Coatings Exhibition

Time: December 8-10, 2020

Venue: Exhibition Hall of China Import and Export Fair

Area A (Canton Fair Exhibition Hall)

(380 Yuejiang Middle Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou, China)

Opening Hours

December 8 (Tuesday): 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

December 9 (Wednesday): 9 :00am to 5:00 pm

December 10 (Thursday): 9 :00am to 2 :00pm

Product Recommendation

At this grand meeting, Sunrise aluminum pigment, waterborne aluminum pigment, oil-based aluminum pigment, silver electroplating, laser paste, resin coated aluminum pigment, strip aluminum pigment for ink, pearlescent pigment , etc. will be mainly displayed, and more new products will also appear.

Key Recommendation

Double coated aluminum silver powder is coated by double layers.The first layer is coated by silica, and the second layer is coated by polymer resin. With high temperature resistance, super acid and alkali resistance, super weather resistance and other properties, the product has good brightness and flicker, and is widely used in outdoor powder coatings (outdoor building materials, decoration, etc.) with high requirements.

Floating flake aluminum powder is coated by special process, with obvious chromium plating effect, good stability, excellent white brightness, metal color, odorless and other characteristics. It is commonly used in furniture decoration, fitness equipment, plastic color masterbatch and other industries.

The waterborne aluminum pigment is developed with the popularization of waterborne coatings. Aluminum is an active amphoteric metal element, which is easy to react with water, acid and alkali. Therefore, special surface treatment is necessary when it is applied to waterborne resin system. Products are generally used in general industrial coatings and automotive coatings.

Booth Information

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Sunrise Exhibition Team In 2019

How to get tickets

Due to the epidemic situation, the e-ticket of China International Coatings exhibition in 2020 must be registered in real name. Now we invite you to scan the QR code below to automatically obtain the invitation code of Sunrise exhibitor and register the ticket for free.

Warm tips: the exhibition time is from December 8 to 10. You can choose any two half days to participate in the exhibition. If you participate in the exhibition for two full days, it is recommended to check the morning of December 8 and December 9.