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Sunrise group won the title of “excellent national enterprise”for the 60th anniversary of “coating industry”

Sunrise group won the title of “excellent national enterprise”for the 60th anniversary of “coating industry”

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On November 19,2019,the “60th anniversary celebration and summary meeting of coatings industry” was held in Shanghai.Leaders at all levels of China’s coating industry, relevant industry organizations and local associations,media reporters from all sides,and representative of nominating and award winning units participated in the 60th anniversary ceremony of coatings industry.With the theme of “inheriting history and paying homage to the future”,coating industry held a series of activities throughout 2019.The major scientific and technological achievements,meritorious figures,outstanding figures,international companies,national enterprises,innovative technologies and benchmarking projects that have promoted the coating industry and social progress in the past 60th years have been thoroughly investigated and selected.

Mr.Zhu Shuangdan,chairman of Sunrise,was invited to attend the conference and witnessed the 60th anniversary of “coating industry”with you.At the summing up meeting,Sunrise group stood out from many enterprises and won the “excellent national enterprise”award.

The award of Sunrise group is not only the recognition and trust of Sunrise in the industry, but also demonstrates the exemplary role of Sunrise group in formulating industry standards, driving industry development and innovation, and setting industry management benchmark.

Sunrise insists on paying homage to its original intention with ingenuity and infinite enthusiasm,and it works hard in the field of aluminum powder and aluminum pigment,and is committed to independent R&D and innovation of products to provide customers with high quality products and technical services.As an important practitioner and promoter of the aluminum pigment industry,Sunrise group dares to meet the challenges and embrace the opportunities of the new era. In the journey of the new era, it holds fast to the course, opens up new territory, and advances bravely!