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Congratulations on Success of the "Sunrise Class" Symposium of Bengbu College

Congratulations on Success of the "Sunrise Class" Symposium of Bengbu College

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In order to deepen the school-enterprise cooperation training mode, build a sustainable campus talent chain, and build a platform for the direct transfer of talents between the school and the enterprises, Bengbu College's "Sunrise class" symposium was held in the college's Career Guidance Center on April 1.Xia Chunxiao, director of the center, Liu Zhuoqun, director of the committee of Bengbu College of the Communist Youth League, 13 chairmen of student union from the college and various departments, Zhang Yubo, manager of human resource management center of Sunrise group and Wang Qiong,Director of HR department, attended the meeting.

First of all, Director Wang gave a brief introduction of the development history, business scope, honors, social responsibilities and samples of Sunrise group.At the same time, she let the students understand that Sunrise group is a high-tech and innovation-based pilot enterprise which is a collection of metal pastes and powder materials research and development, production and sales. It is also China's national chemical industry standard "coating aluminum pigments" formulated and revised unit, Anhui functional metal paste (powder) polymer composite material industry innovation strategic alliance leading unit and one of the large manufacturers of metal pastes and powder materials in China.

In terms of the talent demand and training plan of Sunrise group, there was a heated discussion about the way and channel of promoting "Sunrise Class" in Bengbu College.Each  president of student union combined their  own situation in succession, raising the question they cared most.Subsequently, manager zhang answered the students' questions one by one,and shared the talent view of Sunrise with the teachers and students.He pointed that Sunrise would provide a variety of courses and practice according to different specialty, different grade's student, in order to realize the all-round campus talent cultivation system, to ensure that each student in each position could get exercise and improvement.

In the end, director Xia affirmed the comprehensive strength and talent training mode of Sunrise, and analyzed and answered many problems in the past practice process put forward by students, and encouraged students to apply what they had learned in the future practice process.At the same time, it is also hoped that through the school-enterprise cooperation project of "Sunrise class" between Bengbu College and Sunrise, a dialogue platform will be built to promote the in-depth communication between the university and the enterprise, so as to achieve the win-win goal of the university, the enterprise and the student.

With everyone's warm applause, the opening seminar of "Sunrise class" of Bengbu college came to a successful conclusion.Look forward to seeing you again when the class begins.