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The Visit to Europe in 2019---To Deepen Exchanges and Cooperation

The Visit to Europe in 2019---To Deepen Exchanges and Cooperation

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Over the past 30 years, China's coating market has developed rapidly, and a large number of domestic high-quality enterprises have been cultivated. However, China is always faced with the dilemma of being big but not strong, and there is still a gap compared with international top enterprises in many fields.

Under the circumstance of reshaping economic globalization , open development has become an important subject that all walks of life must face and promote. "Go out and bring in" has increasingly become an important measure in line with international standards.In March spring, under the organization of China Coating Industry Association, Mr. Zhu Shuangdan, chairman of Sunrise,together with other business executives,flew to Europe to start a journey of study and exchange.

To look at the world,you should go abroad with Europe in your sight.The delegation traveled thousands of miles to the European continent to show the elegant demeanour and glory of Chinese coating people to the whole world.At the same time, during this visit, Chinese coating companies held humbleness state of mind, seeing the current  status and trend of the European coating industry and learning the latest technology of the world's top coating giant. Undoubtedly, it will be a good reference for the future development of China's coating industry.

After visiting European famous coating companies,the delegation went to nuremberg to visit the European paint exhibition to feel the charm of new technology and ideas. Meanwhile,Sunrise also took the latest products to participate in the exhibition, with the strength of Sunrise group growing, the popularity of the brand of Sunrise is also rising sharply.In recent years, you can almost, in every large international exhibition, see the diligent figures of Sunrise people.Reliable products and rigorous and professional technical support bring Sunrise a good reputation among the world's customers.

The new era is the era of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and China's entry into the world stage. Sunrise people are also striving to seize the new opportunities given by the new era, accelerating development, increasing innovation, building comprehensive competitiveness and participating in international competition.China's coating industry is going to the forefront of the world,which lets the world pay attention to and gaze at. The road of the future development of coating will be broader and smoother .Sunrise's tomorrow will be much brighter!