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Forge ahead with care--Vice chairman of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Government and his delegation visited Inner Mongolia Sunrise for research and guidance

Forge ahead with care--Vice chairman of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Government and his delegation visited Inner Mongolia Sunrise for research and guidance

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With the project as the contact point, feel the new pulse of Sunrise development; with the development as the goal, build the "Chinese dream" of Inner Mongolia Sunrise. On May 19, 2020, Huang Zhiqiang, vice chairman of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region government, Sun Lijian, deputy director of general office, Jiang Hua, director of local financial supervision bureau, Li Feng, President of Inner Mongolia Branch of industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Chen Zhineng, President of Inner Mongolia Branch of Bank of China, accompanied by Hao Mingsheng, deputy mayor of Tongliao municipal government, Zhang Hongfu, Secretary of Municipal Committee of Huolingole City, Zhang qinhui, and Nie Wenhui, vice mayor, had a special trip to Inner Mongolia Sunrise new materials Co., Ltd. for field observation and investigation. Shu min, the head of Inner Mongolia Sunrise, accompanied the tour and made a detailed introduction to leaders on the development of Sunrise group, the production and sales of phase I aluminum powder, the construction of phase II aluminum silver paste project and the production process.

General manager Mr. Shu min introduces project construction and market situation


After listening to the report of the group's investment and construction in Inner Mongolia, vice chairman Huang Zhiqiang and his delegation visited the first phase production plant and the second phase construction site, and got a detailed understanding of Sunrise aluminum powder and aluminum paste  production process, appearance, product application and market sales.etc. Leaders of the Financial Bureau and Bank of the autonomous region also inquired about the company's project construction and enterprise development In terms of financing, leaders fully affirmed the outstanding achievements of Inner Mongolia Sunrise in a short period of time, highly appreciated the practice of "To work for the unity of the two hands, both will not be delayed" in epidemic prevention & control and business development, and expressed their expectations for the next development of Sunrise. For Sunrise new materials Co., a entity enterprise with high value-added products and high-quality development, vice president Huang made it clear that the local government should attach great importance to and give great help to it, so as to play a new role in realizing the industrial dream of Inner Mongolia.

At present, Sunrise phase I project with an annual output of 50,000 tons of spherical aluminum powder is officially put into production in 2019; phase II project with an annual output of 20,000 tons of aluminum paste has been started construction in April this year. It is planned to complete the plant construction and the installation and commissioning of aluminum paste production line in September, and enter the trial production stage. At the same time, phase II also constructs the project R & D center, in-depth research and continuous innovation to provide for the company's sustainable development source power.


The crisis of the Covid-19 has not been resolved. In such a special period, the leaders of the autonomous region government went deep into the enterprises and the front-line investigation, which reflected the recognition and care of the leaders of the autonomous region for the Sunrise Inner Mongolia project, and reflected that the government of the Autonomous Region took the high-quality production development as the goal to promote enterprises development.

Sunrise Inner Mongolia phase I Project


The epidemic can not stop Sunrise staff who are full of energy. Under the impact of industry development and facing many difficulties, the construction of Sunrise project in Inner Mongolia still has not stopped.

Aerial view of Sunrise Inner Mongolia phase I and phase II project


Sunrise has been working in the industry for more than 20 years. We believe that under the care of the leadership of the party and the government, under the unremitting efforts of Sunrise people, we will be the best aluminum powder and aluminum paste producer in the world in the next 20 years. Let's witness the rising of Sunrise on the prairie!