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Can vacuum metallized pigment be used in automobiles?

Can vacuum metallized pigment be used in automobiles?

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With the development of science and technology, more and more new products have been developed and widely used in the industry. Vacuum metallized pigment is a common product in the industry. Do you really know about it? Can it be used in cars? 


Vacuum metallized pigment is called VMP for short. Its scientific name is vacuum aluminum plating suspension, also called mirror effect pigment, or mirror effect aluminium paste. It is named because it has light brightness and imaging effect like a mirror that general aluminum paste cannot reach.



Generally, it is a kind of non leafing mirror effect pigment, which is made of high-purity aluminum and produced by a unique gas-phase metallized pigment process. Because of its strong surface coverage and brightness, a small amount of VMP can be used to achieve excellent chrome plating effect, that is, mirror effect. Therefore, it is widely used in cosmetic bottle paint, wine bottle paint, plastic paint, automobile paint, home glass mirror ink, home appliance glass mirror ink, mobile phone lens ink, gravure cigarette and wine package ink, etc.



VMP can be used in automobiles. A small amount of silver plating can achieve mirror effect. According to this feature, VMP is usually used in automobile hub and body, and many guys who like to refit the car to change the whole body into plating, which looks very shiny and fashionable.


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