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How much is the aluminum pigment powder?

How much is the aluminum pigment powder?

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How much is aluminum pigment powder per kilogram? Aluminum pigment powder has a wide range of uses, such as powder coating, outdoor decoration products, plastic color masterbatch and some ink products, and the market demand of these industries is also relatively large, so the price of aluminum pigment powder has become the most concerned place. 

How much is aluminum pigment powder per kilogram? Before answering this question, lets first understand what is aluminum pigment powder. Aluminum pigment powder is one of the major categories of metal pigments, which has a wide range of uses, large demand and varieties.

Sunrise aluminum pigment powder adopts the wet ball film re-coating process. By which the solid content can reach over 97%, basically without solvent, with stable quality and excellent weather resistance. They are mainly used in the powder coating industry, and many people may not know much about powder coating. In fact, powder coating is a new type of solvent free solid powder coating, which is solvent-free, pollution-free, recyclable, very environmentally friendly and energy-saving, which is the reason of large demand. Generally, the price of aluminum pigment powder is mainly affected by process, coating material and purchase volume. 

1. Production process: The production process is divided into dry ball milling process and wet ball milling re-coating process (hereinafter referred to as dry process and wet process). The production of dry process is larger than that of wet process, and the price is cheaper, but the safety performance is lower, and the quality is not as good as that of wet process. The aluminum pigment powder produced by wet process is very environmentally friendly due to the coating process, and its acid and alkaline resistance and high temperature resistance are greatly improved , the price is also quite expensive.

2. Coating material: According to different coating materials, the performance of aluminum pigment powder will be different, and its use will also be different. Generally, low-grade products with low requirements will use aluminum pigment powder coated with fatty acid; aluminum pigment powder coated with silicon dioxide has outstanding weather resistance and high temperature resistance; and aluminum pigment powder coated with acrylic acid has good acid and alkali resistance, so it has good acid and alkali resistance For the exterior wall with required weather resistance, the aluminum silver powder used shall be coated with acrylic acid or silicon dioxide. And the price will change with the choice of coating materials.

3.Purchase quantity: When we purchase aluminum pigment powder from sales personnel, we need to provide accurate and subsequent demand, because the preferential strength will increase with the increase of demand. But no matter the price is expensive or cheap, we must choose suitable products and reliable manufacturers, which can not affect our own products. This is the core.

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