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Congratulations on the successful concluding of the year-end summary and mobilization meeting of Sunrise group in 2020

Congratulations on the successful concluding of the year-end summary and mobilization meeting of Sunrise group in 2020

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1.Looking back on the past and prospecting to the future

From January 8 to 10, the 2020 year-end summary meeting and 2021 New Year's mobilization meeting of Sunrise group was solemnly held. To sum up the past, there are both successes and lessons; to look forward to the future, there are both hopes and challenges.

Chairman Mr. Zhu Shuangdan made a profound analysis of the company's operation, management, R & D, production, sales and future development, and asked all Sunrise people to be not arrogant and impetuous in the face of achievements, and to be free from any worries and scruples facing of challenges.

2.Corporate culture is the soul of enterprise

Ms.Zhang Yanyang,group Vice President, and Mr. Zhou Zhizhong , Executive Vice President of the group gave special reports on corporate culture and core culture construction respectively.

Chairman Mr.Zhu Shuangdan then made an important explanation: corporate culture is the soul of the enterprise, and the core culture is Sunrise's original and unique management culture. Sunrise has been deeply engaged in the industry for 20 years. Based on the field of aluminum powder and aluminum pigment, Sunrise has entered into a broader new chemical material industry and is committed to becoming a world-class new material enterprise. The world becomes more wonderful by us! Root, breakthrough, tenacity, unity, modesty and integrity, everyone in Sunrise should bear in mind the character of Sunrise bamboo, take the corporate mission as the common pursuit, and take the corporate vision as the driving force.

3.On the way to struggle, believe in the strength of the team

The heads of the various departments, offices and affiliated companies of the group make annual work reports in turn, summarize the past, reflect on problems, and report the goals and strategies for the new year. Mr. Zhu Shuangdan, chairman of the board of directors, commented on the reports of all departments one by one, and made further arrangements for the next work. He requested all departments of the group to establish a sense of competition and set the example of outstanding people to make progress and develop together.

4.Employees are the most valuable wealth of an enterprise

The sharing of new and old employees of the group is an important part of the annual meeting. They all share their gains and thoughts over the past year, exchange and learn, and grow together. To join Sunrise, and to become a member of Sunrise family. Zhu Shuangdan, chairman of the board of directors, stressed that every family member should be treated equally. He encouraged his family members to cooperate with each other in work, achieve mutual success, help and love each other in life, and carry forward the warm and loving Sunrise family culture.

5.Take the striver as the foundation, take the contributor as the pride

Every surprise is a collection of sweat and tears, whether busy or trivial, whether aggrieved or moved, it is bound to be a grand commendation for individuals and teams who have contributed to Sunrise. In the past 20 years, Sunrise has grown from a small rural factory to a leading enterprise in the industry, which is inseparable from the joint efforts of every excellent Sunrise person. Excellent as you, excellent as todays Sunrise.

The past is gone

The future has come

No distractions in the heart, no changes of time

Never look back and never change your mind


We go forward hand in hand