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How is mirror silver made

How is mirror silver made

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How is mirror silver made?With the rapid development of industrialization, the market scale of aluminum pigment is gradually expanding, and more and more products penetrate into thousands of households.We should have heard something about mirror silver. Do you know how to make mirror silver?Next, let's study together.

How is mirror silver made?Before that, let's know what mirror silver is.Mirror silver, also known as vacuum aluminizing suspension, is a kind of metal pigment. It's called mirror silver because of its special bright and excellent imaging effect.The average particle size D50 of mirror silver is 5-12um. The thickness of scale is only nanometer. the surface covering power and brightness are great,and the excellent mirror effect can be obtained with less amount.

Mirror silver is made of high purity aluminum wire.Among them, the non floating mirror silver produced by the unique vapor phase metallized aluminum pigment process uses the cavitation effect of the vacuum aluminum coating placed in the ultrasonic wave containing the bath solution to peel off the aluminum film from the PET film to obtain aluminum sheets with different sizes, smooth surface and mirror effect.After high-speed cutting, grinding, centrifugation, pressure filtration, kneading and surface treatment, the peeled aluminum sheet is made into filter cake.

The above is the related knowledge content of "mirror silver is how to do". Hope to help you.