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What is the use of flake aluminum powder

What is the use of flake aluminum powder

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What is the use of flake aluminum powder?With the continuous progress of science and technology, the requirements of people for powder materials are more and more strict. The application of flake aluminum powder is also expanded, and gradually appears in everyone's field of vision.But people who are new to the industry or laymen may not know much about flake aluminum powder.So, do you know the use of flake aluminum powder?Next, let's study together.

What is the use of flake aluminum powder?Before answering this question, let's take a look about what is chip aluminum powder.It is understood that flake aluminum powder is a kind of powder material, also known as aluminum silver powder.Flake aluminum powder has high solid content, no solvent, stable quality, excellent weather resistance, wide application and large demand.It is similar to aluminum powder in terms of name. In fact, it is not. Aluminum powder is the basic raw material, which is made by atomization process, while flake aluminum powder is made by ball milling process using aluminum powder as raw material.

At present, the flake aluminum powder in the market is mainly dry powder, which is usually processed by dry ball milling and coating.Generally speaking, the flake aluminum powder produced by dry ball milling process has better covering and floating characteristics, while the single-layer SiO2 coated flake aluminum powder produced by Sunrise has higher cost performance and lower price than the same type of products.It is mainly used in industrial coatings, plastic processing industry, automotive coatings, printing ink and other related industries.
The above is the relevant knowledge of "what is the use of flake aluminum powder". Hope to help you.