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What are the advantages of choosing waterborne aluminum pigment

What are the advantages of choosing waterborne aluminum pigment

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What are the advantages of choosing waterborne aluminum pigment?With the improvement of living standards, the requirements for the quality of life are more stringent.Especially , the choice of paint is careful when buying a house for decoration .Because people worry about affecting the health of the family.As an important part of coatings, waterborne aluminum pigment has outstanding performance.Then what are the advantages of waterborne aluminum pigment?Next, let's study together.

What are the advantages of choosing waterborne aluminum pigment?Before that, first of all, let's know what is waterborne aluminum pigment.Water based aluminum silver paste is a kind of metal pigment, which is suitable for water-based coating system.At present, the most popular waterborne aluminum pigment in the market is coated with silica. The waterborne aluminum pigment produced by this process has good water resistance and excellent weather resistance.It has the following advantages to choose waterborne aluminum pigment:

1. Low VOC: waterborne aluminum pigmen coated with silicon dioxide has a dense silicon coating layer, which not only maintains the original hue and brightness of the oily silver paste, but also effectively controls the gas emission of VOC inorganic compounds.

2. Good dispersibility: the water-based aluminum silver slurry can be diluted directly with water. After pre-dispersion, the resin needs to be added for stirring. The stirring speed and time should not be too fast or too long, otherwise its coating will be damaged.

3. Water resistance and weather resistance: the coating with water-based aluminum pigment can effectively prevent corrosion when applied to outdoor decoration and sports equipment due to the dense coating layer on the surface of water-based aluminum pigment.

The above is "What are the advantages of choosing waterborne aluminum pigment" related knowledge, I hope to help you.