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What is the production method of waterborne aluminum pigment

What is the production method of waterborne aluminum pigment

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What is the production method of waterborne aluminum pigment?We all know that the performance of waterborne aluminum pigment is very excellent, with good water resistance and excellent weather resistance, and is very popular in the market, mainly used in sports equipment, electrical products, building interior and exterior decoration and other products.But in front of the screen, do you really know how to make waterborne aluminum pigment?Next, let me introduce it to you.

What is the production method of waterborne aluminum pigment?Before answering this question, let's first learn the basic concepts of waterborne aluminum pigment.Waterborne aluminum pigment belongs to environmental protection products, which is different from ordinary oil-based aluminum silver paste.It is only soluble in water, so it is suitable for water-based coating system and can be pre-dispersed directly with water.It should be noted that if the tap water is used, the tap water must be left open for more than 24 hours in order to give full volatilization for the residual chlorine.Because the free chlorine ion will have a strong corrosive effect on the silver medal.At present, there are four common manufacturing methods of waterborne aluminum pigment in the market.

1、 Adding corrosion inhibitor method: adding corrosion inhibitor method in the coating process, adding corrosion inhibitor, this process has little effect on the hue and brightness of oily aluminum pigment with low production cost, short cycle, and is popular abroad.

2、 Chromic acid, phosphoric acid or its salt passivation method: the process has the advantages of low production cost, short cycle and good brightness, which can effectively maintain the hue and brightness of oily silver paste. It is very popular in coating, printing and other industries, but with the improvement of environmental protection requirements, it has gradually declined.

3、 Inorganic silicon dioxide coating method: the waterborne aluminum pigment produced by this process is close to the original hue and brightness of oil-based silver paste, and has the characteristics of strong acid and alkali resistance and dense coating layer. The finished paint can generally be stored for 6-12 months.

4、 Inorganic organic double-layer coating or hybrid coating: this process is also called double coating process, which is rare in the market at present. The main reason is that the coating process is complex, high cost, long cycle and large loss of hue, but it has strong acid-base resistance and shear resistance.

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