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How much is the price of waterborne aluminum pigment for paint

How much is the price of waterborne aluminum pigment for paint

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How much is the price of waterborne aluminum pigment for paint?With the gradual increase of economic level, people have new requirements for the quality of life. Especially in the decoration, the choice of paint is extremely picky. Whether the paint is environmentally friendly or not is the first problem that people concern .The use of waterborne aluminum pigment can effectively reduce harmful substances. Do you know the price of waterborne aluminum pigment for paint? Let's understand it together.

How much is the price of waterborne aluminum pigmentfor paint?It is understood that paint is one of the systems different from water-based paint and wood paint, which is composed of film-forming material, secondary film-forming material and auxiliary film-forming material.Generally, common paints contain toluene, xylene, benzene, glycol ether solvents, formaldehyde and other harmful substances.The addition of waterborne aluminum pigment form a film-forming materialis by using the characteristics of silver paste , which is responsible for providing color and covering power so as to improve the protective performance of the paint.It is very important to select a good waterborne aluminum pigment because it can effectively reduce VOC.Then,how much is the price of waterborne aluminum pigmentfor paint?It is usually related to the following points.

1.It is related to the production process.

There are many kinds of production processes for waterborne aluminum pigment the market, and the quality of products produced by different production processes is different.The products produced by silicon dioxide coating process have dense coating layer, good water resistance and excellent acid and alkali resistance, and can effectively integrate with other substances with extremely low VOC emission, which is very environmentally friendly.

2.It is related to the comprehensive strength of the factory.

The factory has complete equipment, good production technology, high product quality, large output and great natural market competitiveness.Then the factory can give different prices for different regions and demands according to the enterprise strategy.

3.It is related to the quantity ordered.

Generally speaking, the larger the order quantity, the more discounts will be offered.

Enterprises will try their best to retain customers by reducing the unit price, reducing the total price of products, giving rebate, or providing other concessions.

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