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Is water-based aluminum divided into floating and precipitation

Is water-based aluminum divided into floating and precipitation

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Is water-based aluminum divided into floating and precipitation?Waterborne aluminum slurry is widely used in our life, and it is also popular in the industry.However, newcomers may have many questions.For example, water based high floating powder and water based silver precipitation whether belong to water based aluminum slurry and so on.Now let's learn about it.

Is water-based aluminum divided into floating and precipitation?Before that, let's learn what is water based aluminum powder.Water based aluminum paste, also known as waterborne aluminum pigment, is a metal pigment which used in water-based coating system.There are four kinds of production processes in the market, all of which are waterborne aluminum pigment made by oil-based aluminum silver paste through reaction device and then using specific technology.The main difference is about the details of "adding corrosion inhibitor", "passivation treatment" and "silicon coating". Among them, the waterborne aluminum pigment produced by silicon dioxide coating technology has good water resistance, extremely low VOC emission and excellent weather resistance.

In fact, waterborne aluminum pigment and solvent based aluminum silver paste are also divided into floating and non floating types, but they are not called "floating" and "precipitation". In  two classifications, due to the different arrangement effect in the same resin, there are more detailed partition: water-based high floating silver, water-based floating silver, water-based floating silver and water-based sinking silver.

The above is the content of "Is water-based aluminum divided into floating and precipitation?" I hope it can help you.