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How to distinguish professional waterborne aluminum pigment

How to distinguish professional waterborne aluminum pigment

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How to distinguish professional waterborne aluminum pigment?With the development of industrial technology, the demand of coating industry is increasing. Different brands and grades of coatings have different requirements for pigments.In fact, waterborne aluminum pigment also has good and bad points.Then How to distinguish professional waterborne aluminum pigment?Let's study together.

How to distinguish professional waterborne aluminum pigment?First of all, let's know what is waterborne aluminum pigment.Water based aluminum silver paste, also known as water-based aluminum paste, water-based aluminum powder paste and water-based aluminum powder paste, can be pre dispersed directly with water.Energy saving and environmental protection is an important characteristic, and the waterborne aluminum pigment produced by silica coating process has dense coating layer, good water resistance,excellent acid and alkali resistance. And the storage life of the finished product can be as long as 12 months.

How to distinguish professional waterborne aluminum pigment?To better distinguish professional waterborne aluminum pigment, the following points should be noted: product demand, appearance, product performance test and product related monitoring certificate, and so on,Next ,I'll give you a specific introduction.

1. Demand: Water based aluminum silver paste is widely used in water-based coating printing and dyeing, water-based industrial paint, water-based automotive paint, water-based plastic paint. Different use have different requirements for particle size distribution, dispersion, etc. so you need to determine what kind of products you want.

2. Check: For high-quality waterborne aluminum pigment, there will be no adverse reactions such as deformation, swelling and filling on the appearance package. Internally, the degree of dryness and wetness of the waterborne aluminum pigment is observed. The drier the waterborne aluminum pigment is, the higher the solid content of the waterborne aluminum pigment is.

3.Test: Take 5% NaOH diluent to test.Because lead will react with alkali. High-quality waterborne aluminum pigment can keep 10 minutes without reaction.However, the stability is relatively poor which after more than ten seconds, it will appear a large number of bubbles.High quality waterborne aluminum pigment can be diluted directly with water, while some waterborne aluminum pigment is coated in solvent that is difficult to dilute in water.

4. Certificate: High quality waterborne aluminum pigment has relevant environmental monitoring certificate, including VOC, 18 heavy metal detection reports.

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