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What is aluminum pigment? Do you know the principle of aluminum pigment?

What is aluminum pigment? Do you know the principle of aluminum pigment?

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What is aluminum pigment? Do you know the principle of aluminum pigment?With the improvement of industrial production, more and more chemical materials are familiar to people, and aluminum pigment is one of them.In fact, many customers who purchase aluminum pigment do not understand the concept of aluminum pigment.What is aluminum pigment? Do you know the principle of aluminum pigment? Let's study together.

What is aluminum pigment? Aluminum pigment can be seen everywhere in our life.There are almost all traces of aluminum pigment on the painting or printing ink of some metallic goods.Aluminum pigment has become an indispensable part of people's life unconsciously.

It is understood that aluminum pigment is also known as aluminum powder paste, silver paste, etc.Its main components are snow flake aluminum ions and petroleum solvents and generally presents in the form of paste.The main features of distinguishing superior aluminum pigment are as follows: its aluminum sheet surface is smooth and flat, its particle size distribution is concentrated, its shape is regular, and it has excellent light reflection ability and metallic luster.When distinguishing the excellent quality of aluminum pigment in daily life, it can be identified by the "heterochromatic effect with angle" principle of aluminum pigment. When aluminum pigment is mixed with transparent color pigment, it will make the paint film react and be distinguished by the decorative effect.Gorgeous and beautiful, that is, better quality aluminum pigment.
In recent years, China's aluminum pigment products begin to develop in the direction of environmental protection.At the same time,more and more people also pay attention to the aluminum pigment industry.General aluminum pigment is mainly used in automotive coatings, weak current plastic coatings, metal industrial coatings, marine coatings, heat-resistant coatings, roof coatings and other industries.And some high-grade aluminum pigment coated on the basis of aluminum pigment is more popular. According to the coating characteristics, this kind of aluminum pigment can be divided into water-based aluminum pigment and resin coated aluminum pigment, which can basically be used for coatings with advanced process requirements.
In the use of aluminum pigment, we need to pay more attention to: aluminum pigment should not be exposed to the sun, avoid contact with rain, try to keep in a dry room, and the storage time should not be too long.Once the package is opened for use, it should be used up as soon as possible. If it cannot be used at one time, it should be completely sealed immediately to prevent the solvent and additives in the aluminum pigment from volatilizing.
The above is the relevant knowledge, I hope to help you.