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Do you know the use and function of Spherical aluminum powder?

Do you know the use and function of Spherical aluminum powder?

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With the development of science and technology and the increase of scientific research, the frequency of using spherical aluminum powder products in our life is higher and higher. Do you know the use and function of spherical aluminum powder? Now, lets learn together!

Spherical aluminum powder is a basic raw material product. Its appearance is in the form of silver gray powder. With the increase of particle size, the gray decreases, and vice versa. The production process of spherical aluminum powder includes air atomization, inert gas atomization and pressurized water atomization, of which inert gas atomization is mostly used, i.e. nitrogen atomization process. The whole process is basically in a closed cycle state, in which the compressed nitrogen is atomized into liquid drops through the nozzle, then cooled into metal powder by a large number of nitrogen, and then through the classification system, the aluminum powder with different particle size range is screened and re graded, and finally the spherical aluminum powder is discharged through the bag dust removal technology. Compared with air atomization, this process is more safe and produces spherical aluminum powder with high activity and high application value.

Spherical aluminum powder has the optical characteristics of good covering, strong shielding, easy reflection and unique "two-color effect". Therefore,spherical aluminum powder is widely used in metal aluminum pigment (aluminum powder, aluminum paste, etc., aluminum powder for pigment needs to be first ground into flakes), Solar electronic paste refractory, pharmaceutical intermediate,  chemical catalyst and other industries. It can also be used to identify fingerprints and make fireworks.

The above is "do you know the use and function of spherical aluminum powder?" related knowledge.Hope it can help you.Stay tune to learn more news.