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Can aluminum paste be used in bicycle paint

Can aluminum paste be used in bicycle paint

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Can aluminum paste be used in bicycle paint? With the development of domestic industry, many fields begin to popularize the application of aluminum paste. Bicycle paint is also a newly developed aluminum paste application in recent years. The hit of helmets has increased the quality of the bicycle industry, and the amount of aluminum paste has gradually increased. So many people wonder why aluminum paste can be used in bicycle paint? Now let's show you the answer.

Generally speaking, aluminum paste can be used in bicycle paint, but due to the particularity of bicycle, it needs to adapt to various environments, so the performance requirements of water-based aluminum silver paste are very strict, especially the metal sense requirements of water-based aluminum silver paste are relatively high, almost need to achieve the effect of close to electroplating. And the weather resistance, color shade, the solubility in the resin and so on are the key factors to determine the use effect.



Therefore, in the selection of aluminum paste, in addition to the above main test indicators, it is also necessary to ensure the long-term stability of the storage, without gas inflation. The aluminum paste produced by Sunrise can meet the requirements of high-quality performance, good white brightness and electroplating effect. The commonly used aluminum paste includes high Leafing value series, water-based aluminum paste series, resin coated series, etc.



The above is the brief introduction of "Can aluminum paste be used on bicycle paint". Hope it can help you. Thank you for reading and wish you a happy life.