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How much is the price of silver paste for Helmets ?

How much is the price of silver paste for Helmets ?

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How much is the price of silver paste for helmets? With the new regulations starting on June 1 to wear helmets for electric vehicles, helmets became popular. One of the raw materials for making helmets is the silver paste and pearlescent pigment produced by Sunrise, which can also be collectively referred to as helmet specific pigment, helmet specific pearlescent or helmet specific aluminum silver paste. So, how much is the price of this hit silver paste? Let's give you a brief introduction.


Before answering this question, first of all, we need to understand the basic concept of helmet silver paste. That is to say, aluminum silver paste. Generally, aluminum silver paste can be a kind of inorganic metal pigment, which is composed of aluminum flakes, solvents and additives. Its main state is paste or paste. It is used in paint, ink, masterbatch and other industries. It can give the silver appearance of the target product and excellent anti-corrosion performance.

The price of silver paste for helmets is generally related to the following points:

1. Related to the production process of silver paste
As we all know, people usually wear helmets of different colors. Some silver and shiny helmets are made of silver paste. Different silver pastes have different production processes. For example, water-based environmental silver pastes have four production processes. The general coated silver paste is more expensive than the water-based aluminum paste, mainly reflected in the acid and alkaline resistance, stability and coating layer. It can be used in different grades according to the needs. The price of simple process is cheap, and the price of complex process is usually expensive.
2. Related to customer purchase volume
In general, as long as the factories master the technology and equipment, they can produce aluminium paste in large quantitiesThe stronger the comprehensive strength of the manufacturer is, the better the aluminum silver paste technology is, with large output, high quality and complete variety.The price will vary in different grades of products. Therefore, if customers choose to buy wholesale in large quantities, the manufacturer will definitely give a more favorable price. The more you buy, the cheaper the price.
The above is the content of "How much is the price of silver paste for Helmets?" continue to pay attention to us, we will show you more industry information in the next issue!