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What factors are related to the price of aluminum paste?

What factors are related to the price of aluminum paste?

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With the development of science and technology, and production process, variety kinds of aluminum paste has been produced. Prices are different from each type. What factors affect the price of aluminum paste? 





Aluminum paste is a kind of pigment, which was produced in special processing technology and surface treatment. The surface of aluminium flake is smooth, flat, neat edge, in a regular shape with concentrated particle size distribution, and good match with the coating system. Aluminum paste can be classified into two types: leafing and non leafing. During the grinding process, one kind of fatty acid will be replaced by another then aluminium paste owns completely different characteristics and appearance .


1. The price of aluminum paste is related to the production process



Taking water-based aluminum paste as an example, it has many processes, including adding corrosion inhibitor, chromate, phosphoric acid or salt passivation, silica coating, double-layer coating or hybrid coating. The first two are low cost, so the price is also low, but the coating is not dense so the storage period is short, and the acid and alkali resistance is poor. Because of complex production process, the cost of  superior aluminum paste is high , so the price is expensive.


2. The price of aluminum paste is related to the strength of the manufacturer


The requirements of aluminum paste producing condition are high. The price of aluminum paste is related to the comprehensive strength of the manufacturer. Generally, the manufacturer which has strong comprehensive strength, complete production equipment and production process, can produce aluminum paste that meets the needs of customers easily. On the other hand, the comprehensive strength of the manufacturers is weak, so they can only produce aluminum paste with poor quality, and have no cost advantage. 



3. The price of aluminum paste is related to the quantity purchased by customers


Aluminum paste is produced in large quantities in the factory, so if customers choose to buy in large quantities, the manufacturer will surely give a more favorable price. The more you buy, the cheaper the price you can get.



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