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How to choose water based coating factory

How to choose water based coating factory

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How to choose waterborne coating factory? Water based coatings are widely used in the market and are the first choice of coatings used in decoration. Therefore, the market is relatively large. However, how to choose the appropriate water-based coating factory as the supplier to cooperate? Let's learn how to choose together!


It is known that water-based coating is water as solvent or as a dispersion medium. Water based coating is more environmentally friendly and energy-saving. It has a thin texture, can adapt to the surface of the material and make the effect more natural. When used with other materials, it is also more friendly, which makes the final effect less moldy and yellowing, and more corrosion-resistant. The following points should be paid attention to in selecting water-based coating plant:


1. Brand recognition


Generally choose water-based coatings, people pay more attention to brand recognition, that is, industry reputation. It is an important prerequisite for choosing cooperation and an important basis for direct understanding of enterprises. Enterprises with low brand recognition and poor reputation have poor product quality and after-sales service;


2.Product quality


When selecting the cooperative manufacturer, the batch random test shall be carried out for the selected products to see whether the water paint is evenly dispersed without layered floating water and precipitation, whether there is strong smell of alcohol, amine and solvent, and the hardness and water resistance of the product are tested;


3. Production scale


The manufacturer has a large number of equipment, large product output and strong comprehensive strength. The water-based coating products is constantly provided, which is naturally a necessary condition for an excellent enterprise;


4.Service system


The quality of excellent service system is an important judgment standard for enterprises. Enterprises have a perfect after-sales service system, which can effectively solve any problems of customers in the use of products, which can protect the rights and interests of customers. So the service system is one of the important standards to measure the partners.


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