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What is aluminum powder

What is aluminum powder

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Do you know what aluminum powder is? Do you know its application? In this world, there are many micro molecules which can make up beautiful and flexible objects. Aluminum powder is like this, it is made of chlorine, and can be produced to those objects which make our daily life more convenient. Let's learn what aluminum powder is and what it's used for.


First of all, what is aluminum powder? Aluminum powder can also be called "silver powder" in a broad sense. It is a kind of tasteless and non-toxic silver white metal pigment. The quality of aluminum powder is very small, the floating force is very high, the covering power is very strong, and the paint is very good at reflecting light and heat. Generally, aluminum powder can be divided into spherical aluminum powder and tree branch aluminum powder because of its spherical shape and tree branch shape under microscope.


Aluminum powder has a wide range of uses. In fact, aluminum powder is widely used in our industrial production. It is mainly used as raw materials for the production of aluminum pigment such as aluminum paste. The main uses of aluminum powder are powder coating, ink, plastic masterbatch, printing, imitation gold paper, imitation gold card, gold film, textiles and so on. However, aluminum powder will be oxidized and blackened when used in water-based paint and acid-base paint. Therefore, aluminum powder is not recommended for acid and alkali resistance and combination with rain water.


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