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What are the common knowledge of waterborne aluminum paste

What are the common knowledge of waterborne aluminum paste

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Due to its excellent water resistance and weather resistance, and low VOC emission, water-borne aluminum paste is widely used in the market, such as water-based paint, water-based ink, water-based architectural coatings and other industries. Now let's learn the knowledge of waterborne aluminum paste!


According to our understanding, water-borne aluminum paste is developed with the development of water-borne coating system. It can be dissolved in water and is convenient to use. Sunrise WH series water-borne aluminum silver paste is produced by double coating process of silica and polymer. The coating layer of this series is relatively dense, the storage time is long, and the environmental protection performance is excellent. Next, we will introduce the common knowledge:


1. Usage: before using the water-based aluminum paste, it is necessary to pre disperse with water according to the ratio of 1:1 (it can be pure water or tap water, but it must be kept open for 24h), and then add the diluted aluminum paste to the water-based base material, and pour it in while stirring. It is required to mix at an even speed. The speed should not be too fast and the mixing time shouldnt be too long.


2. Test storage time: it needs to be placed in a 50 ° constant temperature oven. If there is no obvious flatulence, gelatinization and other adverse phenomena within a week, and the corresponding standard sample of the sample coating has no obvious extinction, it can be stored at room temperature for half a year, and two weeks corresponds to one year.


3. Misunderstandings: With odor, it is not environmental friendly? The more water-based aluminum paste is added, the stronger the metallization is? These are false propositions. The odor of environmentally friendly water-based aluminum paste is usually volatilized by coating solvent or auxiliary agent; when the proportion of water-based aluminum paste reaches the upper limit, the metal texture will not be increased.


4. Defects: at present, the processing equipments of waterborne aluminum paste are not mature, and more manufacturers are needed to jointly promote the development of waterborne coatings industry.


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