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Application of resin coated aluminum paste

Application of resin coated aluminum paste

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What is application of resin coated aluminum paste? People must be very familiar with resin coated aluminum paste, but do you know about its application? It is known that the products with resin coated aluminum paste are very common in life. The mobile phone shell we often use is one of the applications of resin coated aluminum paste. So, what are the specific application of resin coated aluminum paste? Lets learn it together.


What are the applications of resin coated aluminum paste? Before answering this question, let's learn about resin coated aluminum paste. After consulting a large number of aluminum pigment industry data, we understand that the core of resin coated aluminum paste is special reactor coating process and a special layer of polymer. This polymer is generally acrylic resin, which makes each aluminum flake completely coated. This kind of aluminum paste has excellent weather resistance, acid and alkali resistance, etc.


Resin coated aluminum paste is not only strong in acid, alkali and voltage resistance, but also has strong environmental protection and wide application. It can be used in products that are in close contact with human body, such as 3C industry (household appliances and mobile phones, etc.), home appliance shell paint and mobile phone paint. According to excellent anti-corrosion performance, it can also be used in coil materials, building exterior wall coatings and some special ink.


The products of these industries are easy to be corroded due to long-term contact with human sweat or exposure to wind and rain. Therefore, it is a good choice to choose resin coated aluminum paste with good corrosion resistance, environmental protection and good insulation for industries with these demands.


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