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Manufacturing technology of spherical aluminum powder

Manufacturing technology of spherical aluminum powder

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Spherical aluminum powder has a wide range of applications. It is a basic raw material. Which can be used in metal pigment, chemical industry and other industries. We can see it in every aspect of our life, such as car paint on cars, toy paint on toys, paint on walls, printing on books, etc. So, do you know how to make spherical aluminum powder? Lets study together!

Do you know how to make spherical aluminum powder? Before answering this question, lets introduce the definition of spherical aluminum powder. Spherical aluminum powder is a basic raw material, mainly in the form of powder. It has the characteristics of less impurities, even particle size, narrow distribution range and high vibration density.  The production process of spherical aluminum powder is mainly divided into the following two kinds:

1. Dry process

Dry process is a traditional manufacturing process, also known as air atomization method. It mainly sprays the melted aluminum into a mist through a nozzle. The atomized aluminum is condensed into aluminum powder, and then screened and graded to form products. It is characterized by large production capacity and low cost, but the production safety of this method is poor. In the production process, aluminum powder is suspended in the air flow, and the movement forms dust fog and is accompanied with static electricity. When the aluminum dust mist reaches a certain concentration, it may cause deflagration when meeting sparks.

2. Wet process

The wet process of aluminum powder is a relatively advanced manufacturing process at present. Because the wet process mainly uses nitrogen atomization, also known as nitrogen atomization method, this process belongs to the whole closed cycle system, in which the compressed nitrogen atomizes the molten aluminum liquid into droplets through the nozzle, and then cools the aluminum droplets into powder through nitrogen. After screening and grading, the spherical aluminum powder is obtained through the bag dust removal technology . Sunrise's spherical aluminum powder uses nitrogen aluminum powder manufacturing method, which has high safety, good quality and long storage time.

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