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What are the characteristics of waterborne aluminum paste

What are the characteristics of waterborne aluminum paste

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What are the characteristics of waterborne aluminum paste? With the promotion and implementation of the concept of environmental protection, aquatic products have become an indispensable part of people's daily life, and the raw material of aquatic products, water-based aluminum silver paste, has also been concerned by people. So, do you know the characteristics of waterborne aluminum paste? Lets learn it together.


What are the characteristics of waterborne aluminum paste? To learn its characteristics, firstly, we must figure out what water-based aluminum paste is, and what the applications are.


Water based aluminum paste is developed with the development of water-borne coating system. It can be dissolved in water and is convenient to use. Sunrise WH series water-borne aluminum paste is produced by double coating process of silica and polymer. The coating layer of this series of water-borne aluminum paste is relatively dense, the storage time is long, and the environmental protection performance is excellent.


The characteristics of water-based aluminum paste are mainly divided into the following two points:


1. It has high environmental protection index


Do you know why the production of waterborne coatings is so encouraged in China? In fact, one of the main reasons is the environmental protection requirements of the ecosystem, which is also a feature of water-based products. So far, environmental protection is very important for the development of China. Therefore, in the selection of water-based aluminum paste, we must pay attention to the environmental indicators. The aqueous aluminum paste produced by Sunrise is environmentally friendly.


2.It has strong stability


Due to the coating process of the aluminum paste is relatively inferior, the cladding film is broken, and then the aluminum paste reacts with oxygen in the air. Therefore, when you choose water-based aluminum silver paste, you must carry out stability test, and Sunrise water-based aluminum paste has good stability, and has passed the boiling resistance test and storage stability test. The water-based aluminum paste produced by Sunrise can pass the strict test standard of EU, so it can be used safely.


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