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What are the characteristics of high quality waterborne aluminum paste

What are the characteristics of high quality waterborne aluminum paste

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The water-based aluminum paste is widely used in all aspects of daily life. We will use different quality water-based aluminum paste for different grades of products. What are the characteristics of high-quality water-based aluminum paste? Let's study together!


What are the characteristics of high quality waterborne aluminum paste? Before that, we first know what is water-based aluminum paste, it is also known as water-based silver paste, water-based aluminum paste, water-based silver powder and water-based aluminum powder. It is developed with the development of water-based coatings, suitable for water-based coatings system, and can be soluble in water. The coating layer of water-borne aluminum paste produced by silica coating process is relatively dense and can be dispersed in water. It has good water resistance and excellent weather resistance. It is widely used in many industrial and commercial products, such as sports equipment, electrical products, interior and exterior decoration of buildings.


High quality water-based aluminum paste has the characteristics of strong metal sense, good covering power, easy dispersion and good stability. It can be well dissolved in water, that is to say, it can be pre dispersed with water directly. Some water-based aluminum pastes on the market can not meet this requirement. Through the test with 5% NaOH diluent, the high-quality water-based aluminum paste can be kept for 10 minutes without reaction, but a large number of bubbles will be generated in about 10 seconds of low quality.


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