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How to use water based aluminum paste

How to use water based aluminum paste

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How to use water-based aluminum paste? Because of its excellent performance and environmental protection characteristics, water-based aluminum paste is widely used in sports equipment, electrical products, building interior and exterior decoration and other commercial products. It is accepted by the majority of customers. How to use water-based aluminum silver paste? 


Let's first understand the waterborne aluminum paste. It is a kind of metal pigment, which is mainly used to add metal scintillation effect to the coating. The production process is mainly passivation and silica coating process. The coating layer of water-borne aluminum paste made by silica coating process is relatively dense, and the storage time of finished paint is as long as one year. Water based aluminum paste has good water resistance, excellent weather resistance, soluble in water, less gas release. It is generally applicable to water-based coating system, and the commonly used methods are as follows:


1.Before use: to pre disperse the water-based aluminum paste, deionized water (or distilled water, pure water) should be mixed with water-based paste at a ratio of 1:1 for 5 minutes, and then be stirred at low speed until the dispersion is uniform; if tap water is used, the tap water must be kept open for more than 24 hours to make full use of the residual chlorine in the tap water, because the free chloride ions in the water have strong corrosivity to the aluminium paste.


2. When using: add the dispersed aluminum paste into the resin for mixing and stirring. Note that the mixing speed should not be too long, otherwise, the coating film of the aluminum paste will fall off, which will cause hydrogen or VOC emission when contacting with water directly. Therefore, the mixing time and stirring speed should be controlled as much as possible.


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