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Can aluminum dust explode

Can aluminum dust explode

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Can aluminum dust explode? Many people may terrified by this question. The aluminum powder market is very large, but it is very dangerous in the production process. There have been several explosion cases in China, which makes people heartbreaking. However, as long as the wet process is used and kept reasonably, the explosion can be effectively avoided. 

Can aluminum dust explode? Before answering this question, we must learn the basic concept of aluminum powder. Aluminum powder, commonly known as "silver powder", is a silver metallic pigment. Its chemical composition is "aluminum". It is made of pure aluminum foil with a small amount of lubricant, rammed and crushed into a scaly powder, and then polished. As the chemical properties of aluminum are very active, in dry air, the surface of aluminum oxide will immediately form a dense oxide film of aluminum oxide, which has a very low ignition point. Moreover, aluminum powder can burn violently and emit dazzling white flame when heated in air. However, aluminum powder does not explode at any time, and the explosion of aluminum powder needs to meet certain conditions.

It has been verified by scientists that the explosion of aluminum powder requires the following conditions: confined space, mixing of aluminum dust and air with a certain density, and obvious fire source. When these three conditions are fully met, the deflagration will be rapid, and a large amount of heat and combustion products will be generated instantly, which will cause the gas and steam to expand violently, resulting in explosion consequences. If there is too much aluminum powder on the site, the explosion may cause the aluminum powder to rise again, forming a secondary or multiple explosions. Therefore, in the process of transportation or storage, consciously avoid any condition, there will be no explosion.

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