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A promising future can be expected | Sunrise group's 2020 summary and sharing conference was successfully concluded

A promising future can be expected | Sunrise group's 2020 summary and sharing conference was successfully concluded

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Mid year conference 2020.8.15-19

Persist Resolute Conviction Result

There is no shortcut to access success and preparation are ahead of what you saw.

Along the way, Sunrise built up glory by hard work in a decade. In addition to its excellent strength and the hard work of whole staff, Sunrise is also a big family with diligent reflection, good summary and happy sharing.

From August 15 to 19, the mid year summary of Sunrise group was held in Huashan, Tongling, the birthplace of the group. Nearly 300 employee representatives from branches and offices all over the country gathered here. I believed is by no means coincidental successfully. Let's review the wonderful Mid Year meeting again.

Pre conference training

On the 15th, Sunrise family members from all over the country gathered at Chengyi base. New partners and all sales visited the warehouse and production workshop one by one. Then they went to Huashan factory, the birthplace of Sunrise, to feel the spirits of Sunrise's birth by walking the road to the where it started.

Special report on corporate culture

In the afternoon of the same day, all the delegates came to Huashan to listen to the special report of the corporate culture construction and Promotion Committee (hereinafter referred to as "Culture Committee"). Zhou Zhizhong, executive vice president of the group and deputy director of the Culture Committee, and Wang Guiling, executive deputy director of the Culture Committee, respectively shared the core culture and enterprise basic culture.

Work report of each department

The responsible persons of all departments, branches and offices of the group came to the stage respectively, and made a detailed report and share with the people present at the scene on the work of the Department in the half year, the construction of the Department, the work plan in the second half year and their understanding of the corporate culture.

After listening to the work reports of various departments, Mr. Zhu Shuangdan, the founder and chairman of the group, made different requirements for each department, emphatically pointed out the shortcomings in the current work, and hoped that all departments would strengthen management and improve work efficiency. At the same time, it points out that Sunrise is a collective without "leadership", and warns all departments to put an end to "standard thinking" and adhere to the principle of "being proud of contributors".

Mr. Zhu Shuangdan, founder and chairman of the group, commented on the stage.

Old employees sharing

Employees are the cornerstone of the survival and development. For an enterprise, the old employees are the pillar force, the witnesses and contributors of the enterprise development; the old employees are the important inheritors of the enterprise culture. Sunrise is an enterprise with strong "home" culture. The old employees have always been the precious wealth and pride of Sunrise.

Mr. Zhu Shuangdan, chairman of the board of directors, has placed great expectations on every old employee: we will work together to strive for a better tomorrow. At the same time, Sunrise welcomes every Sunrise family member who once fought side by side to go home, and the door of Sunrise is always open for the family.

New employee sharing

Sunrise is in the stage of rapid development, with five production bases, two import and export trading companies and five regional sales offices. In addition to the expansion of scale, the construction of talent team is the most important. More and more new forces are joining in to inject fresh blood and new vitality into the development of Sunrise. The future of Sunrise is just around the corner.

Mr. Zhu Shuangdan, chairman of the board of directors, expressed his deep concern for these new comers at the meeting and commented on whom came to the stage one by one. He also said that Sunrise will create a fair competition environment for everyone, that is, "those who are capable will go up, those who are mediocre will go down". As long as they are willing to work hard, Sunrise will give everyone a platform to play equally.

The future is promising

Five days is long, but five days is short. We can gain a lot from every familiar or unfamiliar colleague. Learn from the excellent and walk with the dreamers.As a qualified Sunrise person, always tell yourself: "what do you choose? What to devote? What will you get in the end! "

Adhere to your choice, and continue to put it into action; firm your faith, drop through stone, unshakable; stick to your position, keep your bottom line; contribute value, "results" come naturally. Let's go with a full load and greet the future with an enterprising attitude. Strive for the new decade and build a 10 billion dream. Tomorrow is better, and the future can be expected.