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Is the smell of waterborne aluminum paste poisonous

Is the smell of waterborne aluminum paste poisonous

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Is the smell of waterborne aluminum paste poisonous? With the process of industrialization, people's understanding of industrial products is gradually deepened, and waterborne aluminum paste is an important product in industrial raw materials.I believe you all know about water-based aluminum paste. It is mainly used in water-based coating system, and can be integrated with water-based coating. There is almost no violent chemical reaction, and it is very friendly, but the only fatal defect is the pungent taste.Then, there are customers to ask: is the smell of waterborne aluminum paste poisonous?


Is the smell of waterborne aluminum paste poisonous?Before answering this question, we first understand the basic concept of waterborne aluminum paste.It is understood that water-based aluminum paste is also known as water-based aluminum pigment, and the aluminum paste used in water-based metal coatings is water-based aluminum paste.Common production processes include adding corrosion inhibitor, chromate, phosphoric acid or its salt passivation, inorganic silica coating and inorganic organic double-layer coating or hybrid coating.Among them, the coating layer produced by inorganic silica coating process is relatively dense, which can maintain the original hue saturation, acid and alkali resistance and storage life is also higher than that produced by other processes.


Due to the special coating process, the water-based aluminum paste has good water resistance, excellent weather resistance and extremely low VOC emission. However, before using the water-based aluminum paste, it needs water for dispersion, and the water is non-toxic and easy to obtain.The use of water-based aluminum paste is not only energy saving and environmental protection, but also harmless to the human body. Only pay attention to the stirring speed and time in the process of use, otherwise the coating will be damaged, and the aluminum particles will have a chemical reaction with the air, releasing toxic gases.The excellent environmental performance of water-based aluminum paste is recognized by customers in the market.Therefore, the smell of water-based aluminum paste is not toxic.


The above is the relevant content of "does watermark aluminum paste smell poisonous?" I hope it can help you. Thank you for reading and wish you a happy life.