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Is mirror silver plating related to ink industry

Is mirror silver plating related to ink industry

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Is mirror silver plating related to ink industry?For the ink industry to do friends, mirror silver is more familiar with one of the product additives.Mirror silver plating is well known by customers for its excellent mirror effect. It  has the effect of electroplating and avoids the pollution caused by electroplating. Do you know the relationship between mirror silver plating and ink industry?Let's take a look.

Is mirror silver plating related to ink industry?Before that, first of all, let's learn what is mirror silver plating.Mirror electroplating silver is electroplating aluminum  paste, which is also called mirror silver, mirror aluminum  paste, super bright aluminum  paste. These are commonly used by customers in the industry, and their scientific name is vacuum aluminum plating suspension.It uses high purity aluminum as raw material. The non floating mirror silver adopts a unique gas phase metallized pigment process. The scale thickness is only nanometer, and the surface covers power which brightness are great. With less amount, excellent mirror effect can be obtained.

Because of the excellent mirror effect, mirror silver can be compared with silver evaporated sheet.So it can also replace electroplating, save cost, avoid more pollution, and has great covering power.The relationship between mirror silver and ink industry can be said to be complementary .Mirror silver is generally widely used in paint , printing ink and other fields.

Mirror silver is mainly used in printing, plastic and glass materials, including home decoration glass mirror ink, home appliance glass mirror ink, mobile phone lens mirror ink, gravure printing cigarette and wine package ink and other industries.The main products are treated PET, PC, PMMA, PVC,operating panel of washing machine, refrigerator, microwave oven and so on.

The above is the relevant knowledge content of "is mirror silver plating related to the ink industry?" I hope to help you. continue to pay attention to the content and bring you more wonderful industry information in the next issue.