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Is aerated aluminum powder paste dangerous

Is aerated aluminum powder paste dangerous

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With the process of industrialization ,more and more products have developed.With the development of infrastructure,the sales volume of basic raw materials has also increased a lot,and the aerated aluminum powder paste is mainly used for the production of aerated brick,which has naturally become one of the hot spots of people .So,do you know whether the aerated aluminum powder paste belongs to dangerous goods in use?Let’s take a look at it.

Aerated aluminum powder paste is a kind of silver gray,scaly powder,which is made of high purity aluminum as the main raw material and then atomized at high temperature and added with water.Aerated aluminum powder paste is easy to dissolve in water,and when used,it has sufficient gas,so it is very convenient to use.Aerated aluminum paste itself is not dangerous,it belongs to the physical properties of the product,but if the aerated aluminum paste does not pay careful attention to the use of preparations ,then  can also produce dangerous.

Although this kind of coating is powder,but powder aluminum powder has generally combustible powder .When in combination with air, it will produce a series of changes and is easy to form an explosive mixture.However,as long as it does not exceed the specified amount in the process of use,this problem can be basically avoided.

Therefore,when using the aerated aluminum powder paste,as long as the amount of powder used does not exceed the provisions,there will be no risk of explosion.So,when spraying ,it is necessary to prevent the separation or concentration of aluminum powder in the aerated aluminum powder paste,and all equipment used by the staff must be grounded.In addition,the content of aluminum powder in the house must be controlled at a lower limit.According to the specified requirements of the exhaust system,no matter in any case,open fire or Mars should be avoided.To sum up,as long as it is used properly,aerated aluminum powder paste does not belong to dangerous goods.

The above is the relevant content.I hope to help you.Thank you for your attention.