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Postdoctoral Research Workstation: adding wisdom and gathering strength for the innovative development of Sunrise!

Postdoctoral Research Workstation: adding wisdom and gathering strength for the innovative development of Sunrise!

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Postdoctoral Research Workstation is an organization that is approved to recruit and train postdoctoral researchers within enterprises, research and production-oriented institutions as well as special regional institutions, which builds a bridge between high-tech talents and enterprises in China and is a new form of combining production, learning and research.

Talent strengthens the enterprise, and technology leads the way. In October 2021, Sunrise has been successfully selected as one of the first batch of provincial postdoctoral research workstation in the 12th round. In June 2022, the opening report meeting of two postdoctoral fellows at the postdoctoral research workstation was successfully held, indicating that the company's talent environment has taken another step forward.

The main research direction of the postdoctoral research workstation of Sunrise is functional metallic paste, and Sunrise will carry out the recruitment of postdoctoral researchers in accordance with the requirements of "being practical, enlargement, and sustainability", fully leveraging the positive role of postdoctoral research workstation in talent introduction, training, and industry-academia-research cooperation.

"Technology" and "talent" are like a pair of strong wings that provide powerful support for the rapid development of enterprises. And building a high-level postdoctoral research workstation is an important part of the company's technological innovation and talent development. Since its establishment, Sunrise has been adhering to the path of innovative development, efficiently coordinating resources, and simultaneously focusing on technology research and development and talent cultivation, continuously enhancing the company's overall strength. With the help of "Hefei Enterprise Technology Center",  "Provincial Postdoctoral Research Workstation",  "Anhui Provincial Center for Engineering and Technology Research on Metallic Paste",  "Research Center for Metallic Slurry Engineering in the Oil and Chemical Industry",  "Anhui Functional Metallic Paste (Powder) Polymer Composite Material Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance",  "Hefei Metallic-Based High Polymer New Material Industry Technological Innovation Strategic Alliance",  "Functional metallic paste R&D and technical service platform", Sunrise and Hefei University of Technology jointly established the "New Metallic Powder and Paste Material Joint Laboratory" to promote the technological progress and industrial upgrading of enterprises. With the talent and technological advantages of higher education institutions such as the University of Science and Technology of China, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Hefei University of Technology, and Anhui University, the laboratory adheres to technological innovation and continuously improves market competitiveness.

The postdoctoral research workstation is an important carrier for cultivating talent resources, and a high-quality platform for companies to introduce top talents. Sunrise will grasp the favourable opportunity of creating a postdoctoral research workstation, promote close cooperation between enterprises, universities and research institutes, introduce a large number of high-end talents, gather scientific research wisdom, carry out research, strengthen technological innovation and human resources vitality, focus on functional metallic paste research breakthroughs, and gather new energy for the company to strengthen its talent and technology.